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Smart accounting, Automated notifications, Inventory management, Customized business solutions, and managing Multiple Business branches from one place.

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Improved Solutions for Your Business Needs

Seamlessly manage your Business finances and access accounting Data Any Time, Anywhere

  • Easy Access

    iRecplus helps you to manage and control your business from anywhere in the world with your phone, tablet, or laptop

  • Save Time

    Get detailed reports and E-statement of all your business transactions and expenses at a glance by one click.

  • Stay Organized

    Get detailed reports and E-statement of all your business transactions and expenses at a glance with one click.

  • All Sizes of Businesses

    iRecplus serves all sorts and sizes of enterprises, from Small and Medium Businesses (SMB) , Small and Medium Enterprises (SME) to Large Enterprises.

  • Create a Free Account
  • Setup Your Company Details
  • Automate Your Business
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Advanced Features

Detailed Reports for maximum Business Efficiency

Improve your business management and Accounting information whilst building a memorable customer experience with our configured automated Notifications, seamless point of sales, Tracking expenses, Global record access, Insights, and reports both in-store, online or on-the-go

  • Smart Accounting

    Record, Process and Manage your business transactions, expenses, and payroll with corresponding value with your commercial bank account to avoid losses.

  • Automated Notifications

    This feature enables you to send customized notifications with an overview of items purchased and an E-invoice whilst improving trust with your customers.

  • Multiple Business Branches

    Access, process, and view sales, inventory, customer data, expenses, and accounting information from as many branches tied to your business all at one place from your admin portal.

  • Inventory Management

    Efficiently manage the ordering, stocking, storing, and tracking of your inventory. You would always know what items are in stock, their quantity, and location, thereby improving Business Productivity


Let's Begin

Our Overall Organizational objectives are yielded in making Significant strides to provide an Efficient business process.

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  • Step 1

    Sign up

    Set up your company account by Filling in all vital data fields, selecting your business type, and signup with just a click  

  • Step 2

    Configure company settings

    Accurately fill in your required company info and update

  • Step 3

    Configure SMS settings

    Activate SMS settings for smooth customer relationsip

  • step 4

    Automate your workflow!

    Go ahead to enjoy all the top notch features available for maximum business efficiency


What our customers Say About Us

Mr Darocha
Founder and CEO at Darocha pharmaceuticals
The Best Accounting software Ever!
iRecplus saved me the huge stress of calculating my profits and losses for the month. Now the rate of inaccuracy in my business is approximately Zero.
CEO at Logisticsbybisola
Top Notch support!
The quick response of the Technical support team is so amazing. Thank you iRecplus .
Mr. Godwin Eze
Founder and CEO
Easy accessibilty!
Using the cloud based app has made it easy for me to track, manage and control my business anytime and anywhere
Mrs Constance Nwosu
Founder and CTO
The multi-branches feature is amazing!
I am super impressed by the multiple branches feature, iRecplus just made it easy for me to track inventories, manage and view all transactions in my multi stores.
Ranu Mondal
Lead Developer
It is undeniably good!
The Built-in detailed report keeps my business uptodate.The automated Notifications has also increased my customers engagement.