Less Hassle. More Efficiency

Enhance your business process with our automated solution enabling you to cleverly sell, ingeniously record and creatively transform your processes.

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Eliminate Reporting Errors

With iRecplus, the power to shape your business is now in your hands. Seamlessly actualize a more efficient business process and reap the benefits

  • Accounting

    Record transactions, generate reports, manage customer and vendor contacts, Account reconciliation, Automate invoices, and lots more

  • Reports and Insights

    Built-in Reports to provide a detailed overview of your business processes to gain more insight into strategic decision making

Experience Maximum Business Efficiency

Conveniently propel your business with our advanced features offering you the best means to automate, Record, and track everything you do

  • Point of sales

    Increase productivity, while exceeding consumers’ expectations by providing fast, accurate and efficient service.

  • Inventory Management

    Efficiently track items, manage and stock up goods across all locations to avoid theft, shortages, and inaccuracy.

  • Invoice and E-receipts

    Generate invoices and Receipt of purchases made with your company name and logo attached to it

  • Barcodes

    Scan Barcodes on products for an easy, faster, and accurate record of information

Say no more to stress

Conveniently propel your business with our advanced features offering you the best means to automate, Record, and track everything you do

  • User access right

    Assign specific operations to your staff for faster, smoother, and efficient workflow

  • Financial Reports

    Access and Review an overview of all transactions and expenses made for specific period of time

Claim Your '.com' Website

You don't have to break the bank to obtain a functional website enabling you to reach a wider audience and improve your business online presence

  • Online Order & purchases

    Your customers get to purchase, book, and order items seamlessly on the website Anywhere Anytime

  • Easy Integration

    The Website is automatically integrated into the iRecplus account for easy tracking of online Orders and purchases made


Frequently Asked Questions

For more enquiries and questions get in touch with our support team

An offline variant containing the iRecplus web app's total features is currently unavailable. However, a tailor-made offline variant for specific Point of Sales transactions and record-keeping is available.
Yes, offline and online training is available on request
Access to the app is controlled by the administrator who creates sub-level login information for the various staff. No additional admin-level account creation is required for your staff.
Yes, this feature comes with the Pro and Premium plans.
All payments are handled via third-party channels.