Credevnet Technologies Privacy Policy

Last Updated: June 15, 2024


Credevnet Technologies has a distinctive strategy that combines old and modern techniques to create high-quality, reliable solutions while maintaining our personal touch. We see our customers' right to privacy as a fundamental component of our commitment to them.

The Scope of this Privacy Statement and Our Role

As a technology company, Credevnet Technologies (collectively "Credevnet", "we", and "us") is providing this Privacy Statement (which we'll refer to as "Privacy Statement") to describe how we collect, use, share, and or process information when you interact with us and our services, or when businesses provide us with your information. This privacy statement is extensive in nature, which means that it applies to all Credevnet websites and services. It describes our privacy practices when we process:

  1. Personal information used to deliver the benefits of the Credevnet platform, which comprises of all Credevnet's services, sites, experiences, and software (including through our desktop and mobile applications), and/or

  2. Personal information that is required to operate, manage, develop, and improve our business and to enhance your interaction with the Credevnet Platform.

In accordance with the terms used in this Privacy Statement, Credevnet chooses the methods and purposes for processing personal data, as such, is considered the "data controller" (or comparable term) for some data privacy laws. For the purposes outlined in this Privacy Statement, we may divulge your personal information within Credevnet Technologies and carry out processing operations as controllers or joint controllers. Please get in touch with us using the information in the "How to Contact Us" section below if you have any inquiries about how your personal information is handled.

The processing of personal information by Credevnet in the capacity of a service provider (or position that is equivalent under data privacy laws, such as a data processor) on behalf of a client or other organization that serves as the data controller is not covered by this privacy statement. The privacy statement of the relevant data controller and our agreements with that company or entity will govern our processing of such personal information when we act as a service provider.

The Credevnet Platform

The Credevnet Platform and your information

The term “platform” is used to denote a holistic coverage of products and services provided by and used at Credevnet. This means that, when you choose to share data with us, or bring over information from third parties (like a bank or loan provider), we use that data together, not just within the individual offering(s) you’re using; for example, your bookkeeping details from iRecplus, payment via Pogga Pay, and contact and purchase history details from Mailchimp.

The personal information we use in this centralised way is all the information that Credevnet knows about you, either because you are an end user of our services or a customer contact ( such as a subscriber to a customer's email list) whose personal information has been included on the Credevnet Platform. It includes information such as your credentials: your name and contact details; information about your activities, behaviour, your interests, and preferences (including purchase history with Credevnet or if you're a customer contact); insights about your finances, business, or preferences or your contacts; the content you or others place about you in our platform; and information we have collected about you from third-party sources.

Organizational Account Information

Some interactions with organizations are possible through certain Credevnet Platform experiences and services (such as your employer). If you are given access to an organization or household account (such as a business's account in iRecplus), the owner of the organization or a designated administrator may control and administer certain aspects of your account, such as setting your access rights, choosing how to use your personal data (such as payroll information), or requiring you to perform certain tasks. You might lose access to the data under the organization's control if the owner or designated administrator modifies your access rights.

As part of an organization's account, your use of the Credevnet Platform may be governed by the organization's policies, which may differ from this Statement. You should carefully consider the policies of the organization and whether you feel comfortable giving them access to your information before connecting to their services because we are not liable for the privacy or security practices of other organizations.

Information We Collect

Information we receive from you

We collect personal information about you based on the context of your interactions with Credevnet, how you configure your account, and the decisions that you make, such as your privacy settings, what services and functions you use, your location, and the relevant law.

  • Account creation information: When you (or your organization) create(s) an account, interact with the Credevnet Platform, or activate a subscription, personal information such as your name, address, phone number, email, country, profile photo, billing information (your payment information), usernames, and credentials are collected.

  • organization-provided information: We collect information when a business you interact with provides us with information about you (for example, as a customer), including information such as your name, email address, and telephone number.

  • Customer support, product research, training, and feedback: When you contact us for support, provide feedback, take part in optional surveys, product research or training, subscribe to marketing, or communicate with us, we may collect personal information such as your name, email address, phone number, and any other personal information you choose to share.

  • Device Information: We may collect device information such as Internet Protocol ("IP") addresses, log information, error messages, device type, and unique device identifiers. For example, as a critical component of our sign-in and security features, we may collect IP addresses from you.

  • Business information: With your authorisation, we may get information about your business operations in order to track any issues that may have arisen during the usage of our products or services.

  • Usage information: We may gather data on how you use the Platform, including the pages you visited, the services and features you used or interacted with, the type of browser you used, and information about any links or communications you clicked on or otherwise interacted with.

How We Use Personal Information

We collect and use personal information about you where:

  • You have permitted us to do that.

  • Your personal information must be processed in order for us to carry out the terms of our agreement with you, including giving you access to the Credevnet Platform and running our business;

  • Business interests, include running our businesses, enhancing and developing the Credevnet Platform, communicating with you, marketing our products and services, customising your experience, and identifying illegal activity.

  • We must adhere to all applicable laws and regulations as well as other legal requirements.

Personal information is used for a variety of purposes, including but not limited to:

  • Create your account, provide you access to the Credevnet Platform, and oversee our relationship with you.

  • Improve and enhance our products and services by studying how they are used and interacted with, as well as reviewing the usage of and interactions with our Platform and certain content our customers submit or display over the Platform, including by doing data analytics to generate insights about you, your needs, and preferences so we may make more informed predictions, suggestions, and products for our customers.

  • Manage and run our company, including settling billing and financial issues.

  • Ensure adherence to our agreements, particularly those relating to content that our clients send or display through the Platform, and guard against misuse or abuse of our services.

  • Customise your experience and adjust the offers and recommendations that are made to you, including by gathering information about your needs and preferences from your interactions with the Platform's services, and offerings.

  • Combine and encrypt information about your interactions with Credevnet to provide aggregate, anonymized data for use in research, marketing, promotion, improvement, and development of our platform.

  • Provide you with assistance and settle conflicts.

  • Adhere to our legal and regulatory standards.

  • Protect the Credevnet Platform's rights, property, safety, or security, as well as those of our clients, team members, or others, and stop any fraudulent or unlawful activity.

  • Assert our rights in judicial, regulatory, or arbitration processes.

  • Enforce, correct, or otherwise comply with our terms of service and other agreements, and/or

  • If and to the extent that it is permitted by current law, use your information for other purposes that are similar to those described.

Automated Processing

We may use both automated and manual (human) processing to handle your personal data in order to offer you meaningful customised advice, recommendations, and experiences. Artificial intelligence (AI) and a variety of other technologies are used in our automated processes to improve how we can customise and optimise your experience on the Credevnet Platform.

How We Share Your Information

We may share your information in the following circumstances:

  • For legal reasons: Without your permission and in accordance with the law, we may disclose your information to other parties for the following reasons:

    • To secure the security or property rights of Credevnet, the Credevnet Platform, and our customers.
    • Where we believe that disclosing the information is necessary to abide by applicable law, rule, or legal processes, such as a subpoena, court order, or other legal processes.
    • To prevent or protect against attacks.
    • To apply or enforce our Terms of Service or other obligations.
    • To prevent fraud, cyberattacks, or criminal behaviour.
    • For debt collection.

Your Information Rights and Choices

Your rights

At Credevnet, we think that you should have access to information about you, your family, and/or your business. Even if you don't have an account with us, you are still entitled to a copy of your information if another person entered or processed information on the Credevnet Platform on your behalf, that of your family, or that of your company. We are doing this as the data controller.

Information retention

Unless you explicitly state that we erase your personal information, we keep it for as long as it takes to operate and manage our business, provide you with the services you request, and comply with our data retention obligations. However, even if you request its removal, we might still need to keep your information around for the following reasons:

  1. To abide by the requirements of law or regulation (such as keeping records of the transactions you have had with us);
  2. To assert, support, or otherwise answer legal claims; and/or
  3. To safeguard our service from fraudulent or abusive activities.

This implies that we might preserve various information for various amounts of time. If your account is cancelled for any one of various reasons (such as prolonged periods of inactivity), we may immediately remove this information.

In rare cases, we might not be able to completely erase, anonymize, or de-identify your information for operational, legal, or regulatory compliance reasons. Where this is the situation, we will take the necessary precautions to securely isolate your personal information from any additional processing until we can destroy, anonymize, or de-identify it.

Security of your personal information

To protect your information, we employ technical and organizational security measures. Nevertheless, despite these precautions, we are unable to fully guarantee or certify the security of your data.

Changes to our Privacy Statements

Our privacy statement may occasionally be updated or changed. We always have the right to update or change the information. If we make significant changes to how we use your personal information, we will let you know by sending you a notification, putting a notice on our platform or in a community post, or through another method that complies with the law.

Check the "last updated" date shown at the top of this privacy statement to determine when it was most recently modified. To keep up with Credevnet's privacy protection practices, please consult our Privacy Statement frequently.

Collection and use of children’s personal information

Children are not the target audience for our services or intended audience. Children's personal information is never knowingly collected by us. Please get in touch with us if you think we may have information from a child.

How to Contact Us

Please get in touch with us or submit your inquiry here if you have any questions or comments regarding this privacy statement, or if you have a complaint about how we have handled your privacy or information use that hasn't been successfully addressed.